The Moldy Peaches, Set Origin Story: 1994-1999

Le groupe anti-folk de Kimya Dawson et Adam Green sortira le 25 février 2022 un album de démos, live tracks, poèmes… Intitulée Set Origin Story: 1994-1999, la compilation sera composée de 21 titres.

A1 Wake Up
A2 Moldy Peaches In Da House
A3 Lil Bunny Foo Foo
A4 Bleeding Heart
A5 Flea Circus
A6 Times Are Bad
A7 On Top (Live at Oasis Bar)
A8 Ode To Girls Who Write Odes To Kurt Cobain
A9 Ugly Child
A10 Shame
B1 Punching Bag
B2 Candyland
B3 I Wish I Was Ben Lee
B4 County Fair
B5 Stop That Train Today
B6 Little Bunny Foo Foo (Live at Sidewalk Cafe)
B7 Put Your Mama in a Headlock
B8 The Shoes That He Died In
B9 Royal Family
B10 We’ll Always Be Us
B11 Moon With Rocks

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